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Leadership and the Future Direction of the Profession

2020 February Seminar



No matter what sector of dietetics and nutrition, we are all trying to move the profession forward. This could be through leading others, using the power of negotiation to bring value to the profession, or by keeping up-to-date of impending changes. Effective approaches in these areas can improve the impact that we have on our clients, co-workers, and the profession as a whole.


The information covered at the February Seminar will help enhance your skills in leadership, negotiation, and advocacy. The topics covered can be applied to all areas of dietetics and nutrition. We hope to see you there!

Breakfast will be provided!

Program Overview

Mary Roseman, PhD, RDN, LD, CHE

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Mary is...  

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Aaron Schwartz, MBA, MS, RD, LD

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Aaron is a Registered Dietitian, lecturer and dietetic internship director at UK. Aaron received his Masters of Science in Dietetics Administration at UK and then went on to earn his MBA in 2018. He enjoys combining his passions of business, dietetics and education.

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Liz Combs, EdD, MS, RD, LD

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Program Overview

Dietetics Profession and COVID-19: Lessons Learned

February 20th, 8:30-11:30am

2021 February Seminar



Program Overview

Regardless of practice area, we have all adapted our work in the last year in response to the global COVID-19 pandemic. Our February Seminar will feature speakers from four areas of nutrition and dietetics practice. Each will share how they adapted, offer key lessons learned from their work, and explain how they continue to prioritize optimal care for their priority populations, despite new challenges they may face. We hope to see you there!

Will feature a low-impact yoga workout led by:


Natalie Jones, Dr.PH, MPH 

Health and Fitness Professional

As a health and fitness professional, Natalie believes in lifestyle balance. Natalie takes pride in motivating others to achieve their health goals, in return allowing them to live more fully on every level of life. 

Austin Dacci, MS, RD, LD

Austin  is the current Food Service Director for Harrison County Schools in Cynthiana, KY. With Harrison County being the first county in Kentucky to have a COVID-19 case, he had to rapidly retool his program to serve his students during an unprecedented pandemic.

Meet your speakers for the event!

Erin Casey, MS, RD, LD

Erin has worked for several inpatient facilities in Lexington and also worked to establish a diabetes management program with a local family practice. She joined Baptist Health Lexington as an outpatient dietitian in 2020, where she serves as the resident GI expert.

Merritt Bates-Thomas, RDN, LD, LDE 

Merritt is the Health Education Director, Diabetes Population Health Specialist, and Public Information Officer for Green River District Health Department where she oversees the operation of the Health Education & Nutrition Services Department. 

Brooke Renn, RD, LD
& Bridgette McCauley, RD, LD

Brooke and Bridgette are Clinical Dietitians at UofL Health Jewish Hospital in Louisville, Kentucky. Brooke has found her passion in working with transplant patients, specifically those in need of a liver transplant. Bridgette enjoys working with critical care and patients needing nutrition support