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2022 BGAND Election

Vote Below!

Vote Below!

Nominations will be taken until May 4th. 


The President-Elect serves for one (1) year, and at the end of this term, automatically becomes President of BGAND for one (1) year.  The President-Elect works with the Continuing Education & Planning Committee to plan monthly meetings.  The President-Elect serves on the Executive Committee and stands in for the President if necessary.

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The Treasurer serves for two (2) years and is a member of the Executive Committee. The Treasurer has custody of all BGAND funds, keeps accurate financial records, and provides timely financial reports and recommendations to BGAND. The Treasurer also presents the annual budget to the Board of Directors for approval. The outgoing Treasurer works closely with the incoming Treasurer to ensure a smooth and consistent transition.

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The Nominating Committee presents a slate of nominations for elected offices, receives ballots, and reports election results.  The committee includes three (3) members; the member receiving the most votes is designated Committee Chair. The work of the committee occurs mostly during the spring, when nominations are solicited and elections held.  Results should be available by early May, so that new officers can be installed July 1.

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Nominating Committee


Katie Landon.jpg

Katie Landon

I find value in being a member of BGAND because we have excellent continuing education and networking opportunities for students, interns, and professionals.  As President-Elect, I will be able to learn from our current and past Presidents to make sure we continue to add this value into the careers of future and present Registered Dietitians.

Nominating Committee

Erica Rhorer.jpeg

Erica Rhorer

This is an opportunity to be involved with the Academy at a local level.  It is an opportunity to help coordinate and lead advocacy efforts on critical issues that impact the profession, such as reimbursement, nutrition security and consumer protection.

Hannah Newsome_edited.jpg

Hannah Newsome

This is my first time seeking a leadership role in BGAND, but if I am chosen I hope to bring awareness to the role the RD plays in oncology care.

Hui Miao_edited.jpg

Hui Miao

I benefited and continue to benefit from the services of BGAND for the past couple of years and would love to contribute back to the community.


Sarah Ratliff.jpg

Sarah Ratliff

In an effort to give back, as well as continue pushing myself to step out of my comfort zone, I ran for the Treasurer position on the board. I have now been serving in this role for the past 2 years & would be honored to have your vote to continue as Treasurer for another 2-year term. 

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